Customer Testimonials for J & J Used Cars Inc

Ron DeFrain - - Google Review

I began my journey for a new used car with a very specific vehicle in mind. With a budget of about 5k, certified preowned was not an option and sence I was financing a private owner also wasn't feasible. So with that I searched online and seeing all the great deals really excited me.

Well after 3, 8 hours days of visiting over 20 dealers my excitement soon turned to anxiety . Every car advertised was not at all as advertised. In fact most of them were complete scams with major problems. Also in most cases while walking away salesmen continued to drop prices by 25 to 50 %, to get me to buy now. Soon my goal for a car changed from an exact picture in my head to a prayer that I wouldn't be taking. As I was ready to give up my search for an affordable solution I happened upon J & J. Best decision of my week. Not only was the salesman attentive and polite the cars weren't patched together with clear duct tape. I knew within minutes I was going to buy a car from them as I needed one desperately. The sales guy new how badly I needed a car but still shot me straight and gave me an excellent deal. Once I decided on the car I wanted the transaction went extremely quick and smooth.

When I was completely my financing my lender repeatedly told me how good of a deal I got. They said me they have never financed a car that was selling for under market value as they typically sell well over market value. Beyond that the lender was extremely surprised with the fees on the purchase agreement. One specific item was lean holder title work wa listed at the actual price of $15. She stated she has never saw that price listed with the actual cost as most dealers charge $200 to $400 as nobody pays attention.

Now 4 days later the car is driving exactly the way it did on the test drive with no surprises. I am so extremely happy I found J & J and I have a nice solid car I can trust enough to put my grand kids in. I can't thank J & J enough for providing a quality car at a great price. As soon as I can. I'm going back to get my second car from them. Its over an hour from my house but absolutely worth it and i'll never buy a car for under 10k anywhere else.

Thank you J & J, I really appreciate you and will see you soon.

Vonna Wilkins - - Google Review

Second car I've bought from this place and I'm highly satisfied also was given a great deal. Earl is a great guy and very honest 5 stars :)

Margaret Harris - - Google Review

I found a really nice SUV at J&J used cars. Al the salesman there was very helpful with picking the right car. I am glad I went there they treated very well got the car cleaned up and some gas to go! If looking for a really nice car check Al at J&J

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